The world is a lighter place after my exam.

Yes i made progress, i had a good day today,  i instructed 3 people on a new skill and they are all successful and doing well.  It feels good, i like working with others and helping run the show.  I created a progress chart and everyone is able to see there progress with dates.  I ended my session early today, i felt that i was feeling well and didn’t have anything else to talk about.


So i earned a B in my class and the old me used to no accept anything less than an A, the new me is cool with it, happy to get a B as i am new to finance and i really enjoyed the lecture.  I feel happy to have some free  time.
Have to confess i went to see nitro circus the movie and liked it.
When to the chicago airshow too.

Keeping up with the running an exercising


2 thoughts on “The world is a lighter place after my exam.

  1. Congratulations ! I admire you very much, for all your work and efforts….
    Two days ago I had this thought that your IT expertise and workmanship
    would allow you a very quick&easy understanding of God’s work upon a
    human being as an individual, once you would decide to do “teshuvah” …

    [The world thinks–says chassidic master Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi in one of his discourses–that teshuvah is for sinners. But in truth, also the perfectly righteous person must do teshuvah — that is, return to the root-source of his soul…

    Commonly translated as “repentance”, teshuvah literally means “return” Teshuvah is the soul’s capacity to return to its original state, to its pristine core. As we pass through life, we are invariably coarsened and sullied by our errors and misjudgments, or simply by the travails of physical life; but our innermost self, the “veritable part of G‑d” that is the essence of our soul — remains untouched. Teshuvah is the G‑d-given ability to access and reconnect to that untouched self, reestablish our lives upon its foundation, and even redefine a negative past in its purifying light.]

  2. ”The degree to which I can create relationships which facilitate the growth of others as separate persons is a measure of the growth I have achieved in myself.”

    Carl R. Rogers, Psychologist

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