Vegucated – I have been a vegan for 24 hours

Vegucated – Movie clip  note: actual movie is a VERY GRAPHIC *trigger warning*

Okay so why I am I trying this… Vegetarian/Vegan

Well it is my own theory… and it has to do with my blog.

The idea is that eating animals/animal products which suffered could somehow transfer to the one who eats them. Like stress hormones which get transferred?
So basically I am seeing if it will make me feel better not eating animal products.

I will say I want a burger, however there is an excellent vegan restaurant in chicago which I will go tomorrow, Chicago Diner.

I also saw Vegucated the movie.

Confession: Actually my Uncle ate tons of meat and then had diabetes and passed away, now my father is 280lbs, eat ice cream every night, cheese and tons of meat and now he has diabetes where he has to inject himself with insulin.

Then before I was born, I had another uncle which had a brain  aneurysm, which some could say is caused by plaque deposits caused by animal cholesterol.

So this could be a subconsciousness motivation also.


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