Day 2 of VEGANISM – I had the worlds best chocolate shake REALLY

Okay so I went to the restaurant by myself,
turns our it was in the middle of Chicago “boys town” which is a gay area, and while I am not gay, I am not intimidated
to go the restaurant and walk through the neighborhood. Lots of pretty girls in running pants – don’t figure.


Originally, I was worried to go to the place because I brought my leather briefcase and it is a
vegetarian/vegan restaurant and vegetarians may not be fans of leather.  But it turns out that everyone
was very busy in there own conversations.  (I kinda felt like others may have been looking at me, but it that is jut in my mind.)

Anyways the worlds best shake on earth!! really, and u know what, it is not make of any ice cream, I was fooled.

I NEED vegan gummy bears…. as the normal ones are made from animals bones (nice happy thought), have to make a run to the health/whole foods store.

Confession: Last night, I secretly served my father vegan ice cream, didn’t even know it and he is a purest about his ice cream.

Lastly, the fun is over and I start my class on Thursday, however I worked all summer to take this class so I hope it is worth it. (Venture Capital – FIN571)

The TDOC said I was improving, (Things I can now do: I can now take tests, eat alone in a restaurant and no longer have to always make checklists during this period while loved ones are away)

For those that have supported me and sent supportive thoughts over the past 2 years, THANK YOU X X


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