The exorcism

I am think about contacting my old pastor to inquire about exercism. I have tried meds, diet, exercise and therapy.  No one should suddenly become destablized for no reason.  Why not, why not try?
I will make an appointment with him. he has decades of experience and even taught at a seminary. Yea maybe a crazy idea but I want everyone to know I never give up…

(this is one of those posts that makes me want to remove it from the site, but I want to be honest with my thoughts…pure honesty, something seldom found in American Culture)


One thought on “The exorcism

  1. I don’t think you are crazy. There is a man by the name of Eric Thorton in Seattle. I don’t know where you are but you can go to his website (I think the address is his name). He is truly gifted and may be able to help you. Don’t give up, carry on. Keep on, keeping on.

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