Veganism is tough but staying with it

Veganism is tough but i am staying with it
I am feeling calmer and more in control, the feeling is like taking a mild tranqualizer and my hunger is typically curved, i don’t get the ultra crazy hungry.
I am also adopted the rule that when i am with people on business, or with work, or church folks i don,t drink.
As when i drink i say the stupidest stuff?
Why? Well when u r on rx for depression the
alcohol hits u super had and has 2x or more the impact.
Yep seems crazy but i am trying to improve my life and i don’t need to
Talk crazy …
So i went out to night and found that people like me, yes they do,
And laugh at my jokes.  It is a group from the executives club
I guess tech high achievement folks is where i need to be.


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