Surgery – kinda scared…

So tomorrow is the big surgury.  No food or drink after 12pm,ect.  I am just coming back fro being days off and people were not to happy at work.  They setup a “war room” to review everyones work,  boy that sounds like fun.  People are corned about my work since i have been out.  None the less i had a nice 3 mile run today. It felt good to get out of the office and get some fresh air. 
For the surgery they asked me to stop taking all medication and to take a shower with special soap tonight and tomorrow morning then not to apply deoderant or fragrance of any kind and on jewlery or any type of valuebles.  It kinda scared me… thinking of my body that way.. that it is just a body and i was preping for surgury.  I think i am going to follow the directions.. and not take the ativan.  I know that i will be super nervous if i don’t take my medicine.  A person who just had hand surgury at work says, it is going to be more painful than you think as there are many nerve endings in your hand.
I don’t want to mess with the medications and cause an issue as the will shove a breathing tube down my throat.  Yes i am nervous yes i am still vegan, yes i have lost weight,
Yes being vegan does not fix, depression, dark feelings or unhappiness.  It does make me calmer and more tranquile, it keeps me in control of my eating and does make me feel good about how i look. 
Well if anything happens to me in surgury tomorrow, know just by reading this you have given me a little kindness and i thank you for it.


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