Food poisoning & Pain killers can kill you…

Well it all started last Wednesday when staying vegan had kale, tomato and penne pasta.  As soon as i had it,  the warm package smelled funny as i brought it back to my desk.  I was hungry and ate all of it…. bad choice but i learn how.inportant good health is 4 happiness.  I started sweating then dizzy…. made it home, laid i n bed till night fall, then had to purge this ..  never before had i had to do such an act myself (perhaps as people do with eating disorders) but i started to feel a bit of relief.

Then pains started for the next 4 days i was deeply ill.  Maybe it was also the painkillers from surgery on my hand.

The pain killers were called Narco, caused , dizzy light headed feeling which, i am okay with however,
having the  worlds worst pain in the stomach pain not cool.
It got so bad the second night i went to the emergency room, i have lost 4lbs and have only been eating jello, bananas, bread and chicken soup (yep sadly veganism is broken..)

I have learned that feeling constant nausea or physical pain makes a huge impact on life enjoyment… be well and stay well.

I am starting to do better.


One thought on “Food poisoning & Pain killers can kill you…

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