Art Show, Resurrection from Sickness and caring

Feeling a bit better, as the family tried to pull together to help me… despite my step dead giving me pills which I wouldn’t give my worst enemy

Well all my art show work is packed for delivery tomorrow AM, downtown Chicago.

Turns our the painting is so big that it does fit in the back of the Jetta, interesting….

but the new frame looks great!

and I found the sketch in materials in my old art studio (coach house I don’t live in) from 4 years ago.

I popped it into a frame and now it looks good.  I feel so happy to be in an are show, super happy about it, gives me energy and
I was amazing to see all the work from Manattan stuffed away, I may need to purge some of the works… (that word again.. purge)

Other happy things, I found that I probably suffered a manic episode and that explains my provocative,crazy yet regretful night on the town.
It is not an excuse but I feel better. – really, now I feel more solid about this, and have to learn to accept and forgive my behavior.

“Psychiatric emergencies encompass situations in which an individual cannot refrain from acting in a manner that is dangerous to himself or herself or to others. The patient may be aware of the danger his behavior poses (as with an overdose with the intent to die) or he may lack insight into the effects of his actions (as in the case of a manic patient who engages in reckless sexual behavior)..”
Psychiatic Times, Managing a Psychiatric Emergency by By Mark Newman, MD and Divy Ravindranath, MD, MS | July 9, 2010

Lastly since I was reading the Psychiatric Times thought that I would also drop a image from the article- in the theme of this blog.


Psychiatic Times, Managing a Psychiatric Emergency by By Mark Newman, MD and Divy Ravindranath, MD, MS | July 9, 2010


I guess I redirected my feelings into art.

I always had a hope that someone would save me from my self death thoughts or somehow I would get better.  The honest truth is, I did get better.. now I only feel this way 10% of the time instead of 90%.  I keeps me humble, but I have learned many things along the way, and now I coach others in support groups so they can learn some coping skills.

Keep up the good fight, all!!


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