Happy halloween

Happy halloween
I am rolling a long
ducked out for lunch today to listen to author and colunist david brooks.  It was good brought my father who love david books and he bought his book there.  Then it turns out that the person sitting next to my dad was the ceo for public tv and radio in chicago, my dad only loves public tv and exclusively listens to classical music public radio.  I guess sometimes it is nice to do something for someone you love,  it gives u a different feeling than the ‘non family’ members of the hospital support group i help in running.
Tomorrow i present my business plan to my grad school class, i only love presenting… it is my favorite… don’t over sell is a lesson i am learning.
I will practice my presentation 5 times in front of the mirror, i am also having my teammates present too. 
Work is going okay the person that i work with was promoted.  When i congradulated him he basically said ur struggling.. nice… this is actually silly since i am learning new skills and it is tough.  Once i am done with grad school for the year i will focus on work, and read up on the skills i need.
So i am hanging in there, taking one step at a time and trying to stay positive.
Tomorrow i will go running by the lake in the cold.
Yep i am keeping up being a vegan and it is tough, tired of peanut butter, bean and rice and more.  I guess this weekend i will get more recepies so that it is easier.


One thought on “Happy halloween

  1. You are great, really ! Congratulations for all your achievements and progress.
    And, we may be optimistic ! The end of the world ain’t going to happen this year,
    I have the undoubtful proof for that : 2013 calendars have appeared.

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