Ups and downs

Just completed the finance class.
Spent over 6 hour writing the final paper or more.
I let the perfectionist in me run wild…..
Graphics fonts pagification for hours.. then sleeping on the floor..
Feeling happy, a chance to prove myself,  a chance to feel in charge.
Moving forward feel the second thought s the words of caution in my head… but i keep on listening to my heart.  I punch in to work sit in my cublicle and know tbat there is something greater on earth for me.
The professor took everyone out to the bar, i had a drink and a half..  and no more and headed home.
This is the second time i have shown self control this montb heading home to do the responsable thing.

I really want to rent the move two minds with kristin davis.

I took a risk at work today, my father says i should not have done that….. but i think it is about time i start taking more risks, as my junior high social worker would say….

Lets see where lifes journey takes me, yep it is half over so i might as well fight/love/care/provide kindness to others for hours the rest of it….



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