Toxic job

Toxic job – i have decided that my current job is a toxic job for me.  It is deeply isolating sitting in a cubicle mapping data feeds.  The good aspect is that it provides healthcare however today i saved all the job opportunities in the company for my pay level. What saved me today is a friend care to my desk and asked to see my art, which is currently on display.  Then i went running that made me feel better.  
If/when i have my own employees i will have learned many lessons.  Talk to each person make them feel welcome. 
Maybe it is just that i have been out for holiday and it is tough to get back.
I can see that the cold and darkness are going to challenge me, so i will have to make an extra effort to fight depression.
I did have thanksgiving, which was successful, and i am still vegan so i had tofurky yum!
Basically i can say that people may still feel bad even if they are a vegan, or veganism does not spare me from depression/sad thoughts.
Have a great day.


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