Finding ones center – Technique to battle depression

My technique for battling depression
For me depression feels has been like being lost in a dark swampy area without light or guidance.  Yet i have had all the support in the world yet there it is.  I recently have begun to realize that there are coping skills and tricks that a person can learn
for me, i have learned that:
Running midday helps
Leading a support group helps
Getting to work early helps
Working with people helps.
Knowing when my mind is spinning and when my mind is being negative is key.
Going to graduate school makes me feel good.
The result is i take all the little things and put them together and it seems to establish a “floor”
What i mean by floor is that it is a place where i cannot feel worse or a place where i am safe and strong.  It pushes me into more normal ranges like other people.  It is not normal to feel dark, wish ones end and wonder dark meaning.
So all these things applied are bed by 11pm or 12am max
Alarm 6am Start the day, take meds, shave, shower, put on fresh pressed clothes, leave ny 7:20am take the bus to el arrive at work by about 8am,  meds 11:30am go to gym jog and work out til 12:45.
Eat at desk vegan lunch, 1:15pm back at work til 5pm.  Activity or home, meds bed….
Circular? Yes, but in the regimine i feel empowered.
Stay positive


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