They are all thinking bad about me

Ever think or even feel that otherz r thinking bad about u… basically one the book book. On self esteme  that told me that there is a negative critic inside us that is constantly giving us negative feedback.   I just feel i don’t have a ton of friends that the guys on the block are all into football, no real friends at work nor do i feel the love.  Whats the difference? No medz today, forgot to take them.  Sometime when i am feeling good i ask, the pdoc when can i go off these?  Be told me once i have settled down.  just one day wo them and i feel calmer but darker and hopeless.
The good thing?
I have a family and loved ones to go home to, when i lived i have manhatten i had tbe money but felt sad, having activities and loved ones definately help.  Veganism, does take away the darkness but it does feel good to look more like an underware model.
Something funny: letz see a guy at work was telling me about how he brought down his one washing machine to his basement, and i said wow! That is heavy how did you do it, did u have a cart?  Did u strap it down? He said, yes it was a strap on…. i laughed so hard, i wanted say i bet u didn’t think i could get u to say strapon…
(4 those that don’t know a strapon is a plastic….)
Anyways that little voice i my head said don’t tease this work guy with pervy humor, but so funny.
Today is a new day …


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