Easing up on the antidepressantsss 2 dayz

Four 2 days i easied up on the anti depressants and i am much less uncomfortable and calm but do feel sad, my mind is not buzzing though nice to have peace nice to sleep without waking up without major panic attack.  Very nice…
The city turned so so cold today…
My boss said to me, looks like u got a monet price for your car from the director, “you really saw him coming” but this is not true, not nice that my manager would antaganize the director….
More secrets today, the other new director went an invited a coworker to a secret lunch on the 11th.. i am not invited, it is Ll good, just another day of inner circle outer circle, guess which circle i live?  Work places are just a continuation of high school, who likes who but with money…
Someone wrote, what kind of blog is this? Thought this would help me with all the answers for depression….
No this is a real blog, with the daily victories and struggles of a person with depression.  Reality tv blog.

My victory: yesterday went to our divisional holiday party, thought i would hate it, thought about staying home but i did go…
And played lazer tag and wurrley ball and had a blast, i watched myself and didn’t say anything stupid, and feel a victory in having no regrets.
Next week my MBA class we will go to a drug rehab clinic, i was told not to take public transit from the professor as it is a bad negborhood.. will be interesting…
I live another day, i am positioning myself for a bright future but keeping myself safe, occupide and improving myself everyday… not giving up, i have potential, i have the capaity to understand and help others.  I have selfworth, self meaning and creativity even if i am not celebrated daily.


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