Leaving a company.. tru colors

When you are leaving a company after 6 years u see the tru colors of people. It turns out that the sri and powen, indian contractors cared enough to take me out to lunch for indian food. Open urself to the world and it will open itself to you. It was sonice kind of them, they were so kind and said i was among the few kind people. Is there an inverse relationship between people in power and kindness? They paid for my meal, i have not been treated to a meal in a long time. It was cool!

I have power in my life, if i have a toxic job, i can change my job, it doesn’t have to be hopeless. I deserve to be treated well.
Tomorrow night is the dbsa support group, i have not been back after my friend from the group jumped off a 25th floor of her condo. I will keep going and learn inner strength.


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