Highs and lows

Wow navigating my own company now for 75 days.
My prevs mgr that said he would be my business partner
Backed out a deep low, however a old friend from college who builds websites for a major travel company is going to come aboard as a partner.
Another friend who works for a tv station will make an investor video for cost. Which is good.
So is the cup 2/3rds full or 1/3 empty.
The depressed me looks at the 1/3 empty and cannot see the brightside like would this mgr even respect me to be his boss?
Lastly, i am getting the wonderful(sarcasm) paranoia that my neigbors don’t like me even it they come over for parties and volenterr to help with projects at the home. Basically male american culture is to tease, sarcasm and make fun of each other when they like u. My depressed side hates thus type of relationship.

I keep trying working living loving…


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