Day 82 of new company and birthday

Well i have brought on a 3rd person in the company
And everyone is working on building out the healthcare software.
Tomorrow is my birthday and it is kinda tough,
I feel that women look through me instead of speak with me,
Instead i am more invisable than before. I keep hope keep looking up, and i have my new company where i have people working and a lawyer and a tv producer for my investor video all at low or no cost. Why? Because they believe in me. Basically i need to learn that people can love and care without it being sexual, for sex is not the proof of love. (And i suppose the opposite is true that just because you have the sexual side does not mean the person cares for you.)

Ran into my exgirl friend from 100 years ago, i was so embared she and her identical twin sister had visited me a million times in my dreams/nightmares and the she was. I fleed out side and was physically shaking. I kept it together since i was with business associates. I was surprised that this day came.

Tomorrow is my bday, i celebrate that i am a survivor of the ultimate darkness although i keep fighting i have built and underlying hope and faith in something beyond me.
Keep looking on the upside,


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