Surcome to the darkness

Just for a min i surcome to the darkness,
My eyes are heavy i have not slept well or excercised for over a week. I look strong to my two employees working.. but it is hard.
The time change made has let the sadness out of a small box and now it is running wild. I just want to sleep, just to get peace. I hope pray and think about another day. Soon my product will be Complete and developed and it will be helping people. But just for today, i feel the darkness. My wants and expectations are more than i can reach. Hope fades into the grey leafless blackness called autumn. I know this is a phase, it will pass, this is the climax of darkness the 24 hour danger period, the the light will come back like someone slowly quietly opening the blinds. Tomorrow i have my dbsa group it will be better. It is so new, a new group my new company, moving forward. A time change.

Stay on track keep hope i tell myself.


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