Darkness you cannot shake…

Wow it is tough when you have darkness you cannot shake.
Today I will try jogging.


One thought on “Darkness you cannot shake…

  1. “Metacognitive awareness is the ability to experience negative thoughts and feelings as mental events that pass through the mind, rather than as a part of the self.
    Individuals with high metacognitive awareness are able to avoid depression and negative thought patterns…
    Decentering is the ability to perceive thoughts and feelings as both impermanent and objective occurrences in the mind.”

    The term metacognition refers to the act of thinking about thinking, or the cognition of cognition. It is the ability for you to control your own thoughts. Confused? Although it is a complex construct, the definition is not complex. It really is the knowledge and regulation of cognitive phenomena which means, you can control your own thoughts. Metacognition includes the ability for you to control,
    1) person variables (knowledge about one’s self, and others’ thinking),
    2) task variables (knowledge that different types of tasks exert different types of cognitive demands)
    3) strategy variables (knowledge about cognitive and metacognitive strategies for enhancing learning and performance).

    Read more: http://www.alleydog.com/glossary/definition.php?term=Metacognition#ixzz34NefCqWu

    objective occurences in the mind = they are not subjectve = they are not my product = they are not mine = if I choose to let’em go, they’ll go…Shoo!

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