Darkness measured

We always think we are the darkest or loneliest person in the world
However I recently read the bell glass jar by plath.
She took sleeping pills, then after writing her suicide note, she kind of buried herself in the basement.
The police were called, and hundreds searched the forest for this private university school girl. Her mother found her moaning 3 days later when doing laundry. She was saved.. Now this is a dark story….. only to find out that it was true, supported by news paper clippings.

Plath has written a fictional book about herself based upon real events.

It has been something to learn about all this.

Never give up hope, even with tears filled eyes on what seems like the last day…. we are all made of chemicals and it gets better… balance comes back and joy will return…

I keep the flicker of a small candle of hope, for today
In hopes for the joy in helping others in the future.


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