Bone crushing despair

I attended my high school class reunion and found that I was left in a state of bone crushing despair.
For the 200 people that had gotten together for my high school reunion, I thought that romances would emerge/reemerge, popularity and fame would fall upon me, and the affirmation which I had been waiting so long for would come back. In reality, I found that I continued to be a stranger with no home or clique, floating around the from place to place. I thanked one person who was there for me, she was solid and she had saved my life, as she was from a split family too. And she was almost as if she were a ghost herself, also not being in a clique. And although the meeting was artificial, I communicated my profound thanks to continue to walk the earth as she had delivered me from the true darkest days of my existence.
I continue my journey of hope and attempt to leave a vapor trail of positive acts which will amount to my existence.
I live another day, and thank angels and kind thoughts you may send me as you read this.
Gratefully yours


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