The end of time


Today I started my day my crying in the park across from my work.
I wondered if I should go home, only to find later I solved a large problem.
So many challenges…
Limited friendships…
Relatives who will not speak with me due to my challenges and openess.
Unkindness in the world seems to spout like a weed, covering the light like the darkness that it is. People thinking of themselves and not caring for others. Time seems to fold on itself, I wonder what will happen to the little ones?
Dark clouds form on the horizon, time is limited yet is too long.
My secret hope is to build a little art studio in the garage, continue my painting, and paint it out. I have many years of fine arts training…
Will this save me? will it make me powerful? It will shield me from the sad realities of today?
I am not sure…
Self care, hope…..
And yes my birthday is this week… 😉
I hope my message helps other to know there is strength in weekness, and a small light of hope in darkness….
I live another day, from flying on a private jet to helping others get help, I never know what tomorrow brings.
This keeps me going…

The Fray – How to Save a Life



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