When all hope fades to blackness

When all hope fades to blackness
Ossolating between isolation, hopelessness and despair
Wanting the great void to come inviting me to its lare.
I bear the minutes, insomnia, as others sleep happily
Unaware of my torment.
Feelings of inadequacy, as I sit in silent terror
As tear slowly slides down my cheek, like sap of a spring time tree
I sit alone in the darkness feeling like I can bear no more
There is no escape, no medication, no treatment or love
For as it was said there shall be rich and poor
So to must be the sane and the mad of which I am cast the ladder
I am alone, a sinking island
For I reach to you, but a wall of humanity keeps me as
The unknown digital stranger,
Thank you for reading these words as they keep
Me living for another day.


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