The Darkness of Zoe Keating – Cello from another world

The Darkness of Zoe Keating, one who has been composing A dark Cello
she has served a personal level of strength and understanding as
her work reaches the human condition.


A description of her work:
Her entire work, is like we are in life solo, then her own cello loops back onto itself (using digital software)
and soon she playing 12 cellos… all playing their dark / bright / hopeful and somber mix which
only the truly “touched” like you and I can understand.

For maybe you did not know that, but depression provides you with super powers too;
no not the weakness, sadness and paranoia.. but instead
the mindset and ability to feel emotions more deeply THAN anyone on the planet.

In this mindset, if you visit and art gallery, while others see simply oil on canvas, WE see into the painting, a portal
into another world, like the painter who did “The Scream, Edvard Munch” he also did “Self-Portrait from Hell
going to the show in New York City, you could feel his challenge and anguish; the human condition.

Well now Zoe Keating, mother of one, husband has stage 4 lung cancer.
I am so sorry for you Zoe, the community and I have put you in our prayers.

And for all of you feeling like an island, living the vigil in our hours of depression,
hold on for the bright bits of happiness and feel the blessing that you are with others in this strange world

a world were others done feel emotions deeply, people who don’t laugh, cry or share their feelings,
but people who choose to be mechanical creatures, living in mindless circles. Remember our paths are dark, yet honest and straight, where others who are seemingly normal, may not have lived a day in

Remember our paths are dark, yet honest and straight, where others who are seemingly “normal” have not lived a day.

Keep up the good fight Zoe and everyone as well all continue the great voyage of like.

You are never alone without yourself.


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