The Guardian of surrealism.

What is it really what is the purpose why we’re going forward and you had to each time each day is going forward one steps leads on to another in a day leads to the next and eventually time consuming us as we try to be our best.
I know I’ll be remembered by some and unknown by others but I’ve done my best to keep moving forward in this world. For as I know it has challenges of the broken hopes in the sad desires not fulfilled from yesteryear. And yet i try to move forward and filled for fear of the future darkness from the past… it leaves no time today and that is a challenge.
And so this is a picture I painted of a guardian to a surreal place, a place of safety, a place of silence, a place of freedom maybe the afterlife, or maybe a place on earth, I know not, but I share with you as I have painted in oil on canvas.


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