Invited into his house and then starved

I have been invited into the investors house of business (my company relocated to the office of a massive investor)
I was Encouraged to spend on redeveloping our product to help people
Gain access to healthcare. Then the promises for more money dried up,
And instead I am asked to give up the company for free in this artificial crisis.
Meanwhile one of the investors G managers, has a guilty conscience, an existential crisis, as he has learned he has been party to con my company out of taking over the assets for free. He seeks me out a secret meeting and apologizes, I grant him immedate absolution, I warn him to watch out for himself as that he is not sued for meeting me, so he can have is money for a wedding someday and a down payment on a house.

Promises to cofounders, two years of leadership and work, all melting like a black buttery substance in the sun. The hope of the American entrepreneurial dream fades to hopelessness on this memorial weekend.

Tomorrow I place the ashes of two departed in the cemetery, my father will be walking from grave to grave giving the family history on each. I feel the dark irony that he will be next, we will record this event to capture these fleeting moments.


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