New insight


I noticed in my life that I generate my own crisis I’ve had crisis since the beginning that I ever since I can remember I’m so why is it not surprising that I would continue to generate my own crisis is going forward in my life some of the crisis is that I generated even started in high school we ran for the president election for the entire high school or Iran for class counsel or was the senior patrol leader in the Boy Scouts not all these I was successful with like the presidential election my school for wasn’t that popular but I tried and that was important but at the same time it put me into a crisis I also pushed for the hardest degree in school to become an engineer in computer science.

Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box


2 thoughts on “New insight

  1. Hi, I think you should change the the aspect of this blog. It’s been some time, probable several months, since my last visit on your blog and I have to say that this new (for me) look of it is quite frightening. I think you don’t benefit from so much black either. Put some colour, man, dude, bro..

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