Very dark days,

Wow! New dark days.
My doctor works to throw drugs to help but I am in a challenging situation, forced to give up everything for my company or let it be taken over. The tension, of the dynamic contrast between trying to help others as I fall into a time of need makes it all so challenging. Threats from others…
I pray for a solution.
I feel the hatred.
I have been prescribed to find what brings me enjoyment for at least two hours.
God help bring a better day, please know that I have helped others, know that I should be spared, this…

Here is to holding on for tomorrow.
So my kids have a daddy.
Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Music Video)


One thought on “Very dark days,

  1. Hi, I’ve just read one of your posts where you’re saying:
    “My secret hope is to build a little art studio in the garage, continue my painting, and paint it out. I have many years of fine arts training…
    Will this save me? will it make me powerful? It will shield me from the sad realities of today?”
    ..and at that moment I’ve had a very sudden and clear revelation of the fact that your true purpose and talent is that of being a photographer…

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