Trying to come back (a year later)



It has almost been a year since my last post.

I have been full of paranoia, triggered by a threatening letter

This triggered profound fear, paranoia.

So fearful, I believed was getting prank calls from them and suspicious as my account internet passwords were failing.  (and I used LastPass a password system)


So I ran into a person on the subway, and after a conversation about travel and my cast on my leg, she said she was a lawyer and had seen a case like the one I was in.

I have been working with her since, and she is able to help me.

She is an angel, providing me full time insight and knowledge to move this forward, we work together often.  It turns out that she was a former neighbor and that the firewood in my house was actually purchased from her x.  Small world.

Now roughly a year after meeting her, hopefully we are wrapping this up and I am still applying for jobs.

I wish I could report things are good, however it has been challenging, very challenging.

While I may be temporarily jobless, in debt, and had received potential threats.  Then I go to the depression and bipolar support group, Dbsa and I see others like me or in worse places.  These meetings grounds me and lifts me up to say,  I can do it.. and I can help others… there is hope…

Another day, how will you spend it?

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit


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