Totally Lost….


I am totally lost, the family comes in the house and the family goes out and I am here, trying to get a job but giving up hope, staring at my computer screen.  Eating away at my savings.. I wonder what the future holds.

I feel that a resume is a person’s (forgive the term) slave record, which shows the corporate master’s that you have… and the schools which you have attended.  And there had better be no gaps in your record, or you need to have a good explanation.  The corporate Fuxxx which took over and destroyed my company continue to send nasty, threatening emails. I suffer from revenge fantasy, after revenge fantasy.  I continue to pay bills from a lawyer in the past and I have a current lawyer to answer the emails.

Is this my life, is this where I am?

Low is the new normal, I was an A student with an MBA and Engineering Degree, was a CEO, honors, Chicago newspaper articles on my new company and now nothing…

I am open to new directions, I need to network with others…

Money and jobs are given from others with power…

I live another day.

Maybe I should go back to brazil?

They use to say, “You have to meet this American, he is unlike the others, he is nice”

Juca Chaves – Take Me Back To Piaui – Mr Bongo Brazil 45 #3 …





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