New insight

I noticed in my life that I generate my own crisis I’ve had crisis since the beginning that I ever since I can remember I’m so why is it not surprising that I would continue to generate my own crisis is going forward in my life some of the crisis is that I generated even […]

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Challenged and then some

I am shunned by my neighbors. I was asked again to give up the ceo title, and hand over equity.. I Feel friendless & hopeless. I Feel trapped. Psychiatrist is missing (medical leave) with no backup Therapist left for travels Broken ankle in 3 spots Lawn unmowed. Life unraveling in my hands I am Accused […]

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Tears run down my face

Tears run down my face as I have stopped taking pain meds. Today I find out if I will ever walk again or if I will need more surgery. If feel green with sickness as the last pain meds leave my body. Hydrocodon – feels like a bad trip to mexico. 🙂 My leg feels […]

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